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Tue 19 March 2019
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Facebook Policy Statement

  1. This policy statement refers to the operation of the Official West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch Facebook pages.
  2. Posts are Safety, Crime or Crime Prevention related. 

  3. Post requests can be made by users with a Facebook account by sending a private message to the page or by sending an email to the appropriate email address for the page.  Posts that relate to criminal or suspicious behaviour should be accompanied with a Police crime or incident number to help authenticate the report.
  4. Posts can only claim to represent the views of the contributor, and cannot state or imply views of another party especially the Police, unless the contribution has been provided by the Police.
  5. Posts and comments made as Neighbourhood Watch must be objective and free from personal opinions of the page administrators.
  6. The identity of the author of a post will not be published with a post, unless contribution has been provided by the Police. 

  7. Pictures may be altered at the request of the provider, where possible to protect the provider’s identity. 

  8. Video clips cannot be changed and will be posted as provided. 

  9. Posts made elsewhere on Facebook may be re-posted on this page as originally posted without alteration, as the material is already in the public domain.  A comment must be added to declare the origin of the post and include a disclaimer as to the accuracy of the content.

  10. The page administrators reserve the right not to post a contribution if it might compromise the integrity of the page or put the contributor or administrators at risk. 

  11. The page administrators may remove a post at the request of the Police, other law enforcement body or the Neighbourhood Watch organisation.
  12. Comments that contain bad language are automatically filtered out, and those that are not picked up by the language filter will be hidden by the page administrators. 

  13. Comments that are abusive, anti-social or defamatory will be hidden if found. 

  14. Comments that name or directly identify individuals who may be involved in criminal activity will be hidden. “Tell the Police not Facebook”
  15. The page will not promote any business or product, unless pre-authorised by the West Mercia Neighbourhood Watch Association.